You are at the gateway of your higher Love vibe. 


 You are ready for healing, clearing, and releasing of what is no longer serving you. You are ready to enhance your vitality and overall wellbeing and raise your Love energy vibration.  

Just 15-20 minutes of your conscious time. First we take inventory of your desired shifts. During the healing and clearing session, not only will you be able to release and heal in accordance with your stated desire, but I will also raise your vitality, overall wellbeing, and your Love energy vibration. The session is done remotely over a couple of days while you are at rest. Receive your detailed Healing Session Report at completion.  

What's it all about?

It's time to acknowledge what is present and allow it to clear. This is a beginning, an opportunity for reparation with the benefit of purification and release. It's the perfect time to enhance clear Love energy flow, trust, faith, and decisiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. Once you pay for your healing package, you'll be able to book an intake call with Julie. She'll take an inventory of what you want to shift, how things are now, and how you want them to feel different. And you can ask questions too. You will receive a Healing Session Report via email from Julie within a week following the session. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Healing and releasing of unwanted emotional baggage and increased Love energy vibration is usually experienced as a feeling of expansion in your heartspace. Most people report feeling lighter, happier, and stronger. More courage and sexiness can also be experienced. Anxiety and depression, challenges associated with emotional conflict and periods of intense planetary interactions, pain from past love hurts, and accumulated compounded grief and trauma are just some examples of what can be relieved, released and cleared during this healing process. 

Where do you operate?

The invetory is conducted via Internet call. All you need for that is a browser and a live Internet connection. The healing session is conducted by Julie remotely during your down time usually when you are sleeping at night. 

Why should I do this now?

Don’t let old hurts, old baggage, or current frustrations and conflicting feelings take up energetic space in your world any longer than they already have. What you’ve chosen to ignore, shove down, or not deal with will continually and repeatedly show up to your detriment into the future, so why not gracefully work through it now? 

Bring it forward and intentionally heal it and clear it. Don’t let those old hurts creep up on you and ruin the beautiful life you want to create now.  

Take full advantage now and get more enjoyment out of life!  

Want to talk it over before signing up?

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